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Posted on Aug 12, 2017

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THE inaugural Roadshow 2017 received great response from the public.

Held at Atria Shopping Gallery, the three-day event saw industry players from different fields sharing their insights and expertise on issues such as building inspection, real estate and tourism, property tax, public transport, market outlook, feng shui tips, finding the right real estate agent, and ways to boost your property value.

Here are highlights of the talks.

Ivan Chong

Ivan Chong

Ivan Chong
Widebed Sdn Bhd
The now booming hospitality industry: Real estate + tourism

A large kitchen cabinet and wardrobe are useless to travellers. The property owner should provide something more functional such as high quality mattresses.

Tasteful decoration is very important because it is the first thing that attracts the customers. It is a bonus when the property has its own theme such as Hello Kitty because these characters have their own fans.

A warm hospitality and good communication are needed, aside from a well-organised system for guests to check in and out.

You need to regularly check on property maintenance in order to make sure the safety and comfort of customers. Also, you have ensure that the place is clean in order to score good feedback from your customers.


Vicky How

Vicky How

Vicky How
Propedia Consultancy
Seven killer ways to increase your property value

The location is the focal point when choosing a piece of property.

Determining the centre of gravity and hotspots to attract people is a significant tactic.

Besides being near the main road, make sure the developer is reliable. Check road width to determine how many cars can that area accommodate.

Checking the things that block the view of the building, such as trees and high tension wire, is also important to choose the right commercial property.


Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin
Environology dot com Sdn Bhd
Feng Shui tips for selecting the right home

Avoid landforms that have minimal or no vegetation nearby to ensure the energy forces are in harmony.

Avoid broken or abruptly cut hills and landforms because the forces surrounding us should flow continuously. Also avoid rocky areas and hills as well as solitary mountains.

These guides hellp to ensure a continuous flow of energy from the earth to your property. When surrounded by such energy, the family unit will prosper.


Aziz Ahmad

Aziz Ahmad

Aziz Ahmad
Why you need to stay on the transit system

The high volume of transport on the road causes massive traffic jams especially during peak hours, so it is more convenient to use public transport.

Properties that have easy access to public transportation are usually in high demand.

Keep abreast of news on any new public transport project and look for property in the nearby areas.

Among the upcoming transportation routes that buyers can keep an eye on are Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) KL-Klang line, LRT 3 that will connect Bandar Utama with Johan Setia, and the MRT Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya (SSP) line.


Raphael Wong

Raphael Wong

Raphael Wong
Real Estate Coach
How to choose the right real estate agent

House owners are advised to ask for the real estate agent's official tag to make sure the person is a registered property agent.

Secondly, research the agent’s profile to see whether the person is on the ball or keeps abreast of property issues and news. Checking social media posts is the best way to know the estate agents' level of dedication and interest in their career.

As a property investor, you should know how estate agents schedule their time for their work.

Get a clear view of their profiles by asking some common questions like:

“How long have you been in this real estate business?”

“How many properties have you transacted in this area?”


Siva Shanker

Siva Shanker

Siva Shanker
Past president of Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA)
2017 and beyond – what’s hot and what’s not

The two main emerging trends in Malaysia’s real estate are properties with iconic development as well as inner city living.

When looking to buy a property, the first consideration should be the availability of amenities such as shops, schools, hospitals and other relevant establishments.

Since Malaysians have a habit of trying to look for houses near to these amenities, investing in such properties might just increase your luck in making a profit.


Agnes Wong

Agnes Wong

Agnes Wong
Syarikat Ong Group of Companies managing partner
Maximise return on investment through tax optimisation

Those running a business are only required to register for GST if their business dealings exceed the threshold of RM500,000.

For rental dealings, some expenses that are non-tax deductible for first-time rental arrangement include the cost to obtain the first tenant, advertising cost, the legal cost to prepare rental agreement, stamp duty on the tenancy agreement, and the commission for property agent.

However, these expenses are tax deductible if they are not the cost of the first-time rental.

For rental renewals, the tax deductible expenses include the assessment and quit rent, the loan interest during rental generation stage, fire insurance premium, rent collection fee and the related legal expenses, the fees to renew a tenancy or to change a tenant, and the repair and maintenance fees.


Joshua Kang

Joshua Kang

Joshua Kang
Canaan Building Inspection & Rectification Services
Is building defect inspection essential for your new house?

It is impossible to find a defect-free building. Every home will have a flaw or two because it is made by hands.

All buyers hold the right to inspect a property and request the developer to fix any defect because they are paying for the property.

It is the first thing you have to do once you get the keys to your house.

Make sure there are no defects before you sign off. This is because once you have signed off, your complaint about any defect is no longer valid.


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