10 Easy DIY projects to increase your home’s selling value

Posted on Sep 18, 2017

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Maximise home value with this simple tricks

A large part of the average homeowner's wealth comes from the value of their home. That means that selling a home is a major financial decision, and it makes sense to try to maximise its value. You can do that relatively quickly if you keep a few little tips and tricks in mind when you prepare it for sale.

Safety First

The most important thing that you can do to increase your home's value is to deal with any safety problems it has. Unstable railings, uneven floors and some other problems can lead to injuries in the home. People want to be safe and relaxed at home, so solving those problems is vital to selling the building.

Fresh Paint

Over time, the paint wears down, cracks and even gets stained over time. That can easily make your home look like a mess even if the rest of the building is flawless. The solution is to give everything a fresh coat of paint just before the sale.

Plant Trees

Planting trees are a long-term investment because they need time to grow, but they can make the home's exterior look more attractive and make the lawn more comfortable. For the best results, pick trees that bear fruit or nuts and offer plenty of shade.

Use Native Plants

Other plants can also add value to a home, but it's best to plant native species. It is much easier to keep them healthy, so they can appeal to those buyers who don't want to spend a long time working in the garden.

Clean Thoroughly

Pretty homes will almost always fetch a better price than ugly ones, and nothing makes a house look worse than messes. Simply dusting, organising furniture, eliminating clutter and polishing metal surfaces will make it much more attractive. It's one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make a home look good.

Energy Efficiency

Buyers like energy efficiency because it lowers the cost of living in the home. When you install new appliances, try to get energy efficient models to boost their value. Replacing old windows with efficient versions or installing LED lights can also make the home more efficient to increase its value and appeal to environmentalists.

Replace Carpets

Naturally, carpets experience quite a bit of wear and tear over the years. A worn carpet is often less appealing than not having one at all. That means that it is vital to remove and replace any carpeting that looks old and worn out.

Air Purification

Bad smells can be just as unappealing as a bad appearance. Poor air quality can also cause respiratory problems. This factor will do significant damage to a home's value. Installing an air purifier will do lots of good, but growing a few indoor plants can also improve your home's air quality and thus its value.

Install Water Filters

It is quite inexpensive and easy to install a water filter on any modern faucet. Buyers love them because they can provide the taste of clean water without the expense of buying it in the bottle. The reduced reliance on bottled water also makes it a green feature, which is a major selling point for modern buyers.

Get an Inspection

Most people don't have much experience with real estate, so it's easy for them to miss little details that can reduce their home's value. Getting an inspection by an experienced real estate agent or a professional inspector will help you find all the details that you can fix to boost your home's value.


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